Out with the old and in with the new (electrical wires, that is)

At the beginning of April 2021, Rising Construction Services embarked on an exciting new opportunity! We partnered with electrical wiring company Black & McDonald to help execute the Topeka Removal Project in conjunction with Evergy, the leading energy supplier in Kansas City that provides services to more than 1.6 million customers across Kansas and Missouri.

With outdated overhead power lines and wires on the streets, Black & McDonald saw a need for new infrastructure. The Topeka Removal Project will work to replace these old wiring systems and Rising Construction Services will be supporting their efforts. Since April, we’ve been providing equipment, as well as mobilization to help with staging equipment, setting up/breaking down lane shifts and flagging for traffic as needed.

The duration of the Topeka Removal Project is projected to be about 100 days (give or take) and will take place in surrounding areas of Greater Kansas City—from Steward Ave to Oakland, Rochester to Green Hills and Branner to Swygart. Throughout this time, we’ll continue to make it our mission to streamline the traffic control while maintaining a safe environment for residents, as well as our workers.

The Topeka Removal Project, along with other various projects, have made 2021 an important year for Rising Construction Services. As always, it’s our pleasure to continue servicing the streets of Kansas City and its incredible residents!

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