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  • #adoptaclassroom / September 30, 2019

    Partners for Student Success: Student-Teacher Showcase

    How cool was it that we were able to attend the Partners for Student Success Breakfast event?  We would like to thank David Ceperly (Assistant Principal) and Liz Talamantez (Principal) of James Lewis Elementary School for the invite!  We would also like to thank Amy Droege for accompanying us to said event!  It was interesting […]

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  • #adoptaclassroom / September 27, 2019

    “#adoptaclassroom: National Pepperoni Pizza Day”

    What comes to your mind when flattened dough is topped with tomatoes, cheese, and pepperoni?  Pepperoni Pizza, of course! September 20th was the National Pepperoni Pizza Day and we are excited to showcase the first event of our #adoptaclassroom curriculum! It was a light workload as the students filled out their name tags, ate pizza, […]

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  • #adoptaclassroom / September 10, 2019

    Introducing #adoptaclassroom

    Unfortunately, many of today’s classrooms are underfunded, despite the importance of education.  Teachers are forced to pay for supplies out of their own pocket as result. Therefore, we, at Rising Construction Services, Inc., are pleased to have the chance to sponsor Ms. Droege’s 5th grade classroom at James Lewis Elementary School for the 2019-2020 school […]

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  • News / August 5, 2019

    How Rising Construction Services, Inc. Serves a Need in Kansas City

    As Rising Construction Services, Inc. turns 1 in November, we look at how the company has since developed its own identity as a women-owned business serving construction contractors in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Last year, PlanGrid, an Autodesk company, released an article titled Level the Jobsite: Why the World Needs More Women in Construction […]

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