A New Division From Rising Construction Services: Erosion Control

Rising Construction Services Inc. is excited to announce that we are now offering erosion control services along with our general construction and traffic control services. Our list of erosion control offerings include silt fencing, inlet protection, filter socks, wattles, and straw bales. We can also help with your project hydro-seeding, hydro-mulching and fertilizing.

What are our services?

Silt Fencing: Silt fencing is a temporary sediment barrier that is used for stormwater runoff to retain sediment.

Hydro-seeding/Hydro-mulching/Fertilizing: Hydro-seeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed, mulch, and fertilizer. This is a great alternative to the traditional process of sowing dry seed. Rising Construction Services works with various local vendors to determine the best solution or combination of seed, mulch and fertilizer for all of your needs.

Inlet Protection: A sediment filter or an excavated area around a storm drain, drop inlet, or curb inlet. This is used to prevent sediment from entering storm drainage systems.

Sediment Removal: RCS has the ability to monitor and remove sediment from silt fencing and inlet protection.

Filter Socks: These socks can be used in a variety of landscaping applications for erosion and sediment control.

Wattles: Highly flexible products that are often used in construction for sediment control and are installed in areas with a low flow to help retain sediment or filter out materials.

Ready to work with Rising Construction Services?

Our mission at Rising Construction Services is to be a company that provides exceptional service while also maintaining a healthy, safe and diverse working atmosphere. It is our intention to streamline the traffic control and erosion control industries through creating and implementing different strategies and utilizing advanced technologies. We want to help you – whatever your needs may be! We pride ourselves on our expert, dedicated services within construction, traffic control and erosion control.


Ready to learn more? Shoot us a message and we will be back with you as quickly as we can. We look forward to working with you.


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